What is General Dentistry?

My Care Dental provides general dentistry services to patients in Tinley Park, Orland Park, and the surrounding areas. Our highly qualified dental professionals offer dental treatments to patients of all ages. Our general dentistry services range from routine cleanings to emergency dental services. We’re committed to providing the highest quality of dental care through respect, compassion, and education. Since 1985, we’re provided the area the highest quality dental services to boost your dental health. Contact us today for an appointment.

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My Care Dental’s General Dentistry Services

At My Care Dental, we put your comprehensive dental treatment and patient satisfaction first. Our general dentistry services include:

Dental oral examination in Tinley Park, IL

Oral Examination & Cleaning

We recommend an oral examination and professional dental cleaning twice a year. Our initial oral examination includes a visual examination of your mouth, periodontal probing, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.

Implants section treatment in Tinley Park, IL

We will examine your mouth for any signs of oral cancer, including red and white spots, rough patches, and hard lumps.

Tooth bonding service in Tinley Park, IL


We apply an enamel-like material to a damaged tooth`s surface for a natural, restored look.

Crowns and bridges treatment in Tinley Park, IL

Dental Fillings

When tooth decay causes activities, we use dental fillings to fill the hole and save your teeth.

Teeth whitening service in Tinley Park, IL

Our teeth whitening procedures effectively restore dull, stained, and discolored teeth.

Invisalign® is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. We use a series of clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth without metal wires or brackets.

Root canal therapy in Tinley Park, IL

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy helps save damaged teeth. We remove the diseased pulp, fill it, and fit the tooth with a dental crown.

Tooth ache treatment in Tinley Park, IL


We can sometimes repair simple toothaches by clearing the debris in your mouth. We will find the root cause of your toothache and repair it.

Dental emergencies in Tinley Park, IL

Dental Emergencies

We’re committed to helping you minimize the risk of emergency treatment. We designed a Lifetime Treatment Plan that helps you to offset the possibility of unforeseen pain or tooth breakage.

Our General Dentistry Office’s Preventative Care Tips

My Care Dental exceeds patients’ expectations by helping every patient understand the importance of dental education. We take extra time to discuss the best ways to have optimal oral health. We help you make healthier decisions to help reduce the likelihood of dental issues like infections and cavities. We’ll help you brush and floss your teeth properly, choose the best toothbrush for you, and inform you about the best foods for your bright smile. We customize our dental services to meet your specific needs.

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My Care Dental cares about your every dental need. We want each patient to feel warm and welcome when they walk into our dental office. We offer each patient ownership of their dental health and arm you with the knowledge of optimal dental care. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible dental services. Each of our dental services begins with a dental exam and screening and ends with a smile. When you need affordable general dentistry services in Orland Hills, IL, and the surrounding areas, we’re here for you. Contact us today!