Dental Crowns in Tinley Park, Illinois

Dental Crowns

Cavities and damaged roots can do more than create unsightly discoloration and a misaligned bite. These afflictions can also expose the inside of the tooth, which contains vulnerable materials that can become infected and cause much deeper problems.

In instances where the inside of a tooth is exposed, a dental crown is a viable option to preserve the tooth. My Care Dental specializes in providing porcelain crowns that are professionally made with reliable durability and installed with expert hands.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps made of synthetic material that is placed over a tooth to restore its natural size, shape, and function. Along with protective and preventative health measures, porcelain crowns are made to appear similar to their natural neighboring teeth. Crowns can also be made of metals like gold, which some choose because it’s less expensive. The tradeoff for the less expensive metal option is that it will certainly stand out among natural teeth.

Types of Dental Crowns

We offer porcelain crowns at My Care Dental. These are the highest quality among the different materials, and the most like your natural teeth. We stand behind the durability of our top-quality craftsmanship, as well as its ability to improve the appearance of your smile.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Protect the sensitive inner parts of your teeth, especially after a root canal and a filling
  • Strengthen the structure of the natural teeth, helping them last much longer
  • Improve the visual appearance of your teeth
  • Improve the shape of teeth and correct misalignment in your bite
  • Durable and long-lasting, so no need for continual upkeep

The Cost of Dental Crowns

The price of dental crowns varies depending on the procedure. You should consult your dental insurance before your consultation to have an idea of how much they’ll cover, as this will greatly affect the total cost. We will be happy to go over any charges with you and make sure there’s an understanding before proceeding to the next step.

Why Choose My Care Dental?

You should choose My Care Dental for your dental crown procedure because we work with you to provide comprehensive dental treatment, and make sure that you understand each step of any procedure. This dedication to customer care is backed by years of expertise and training that make us the best option for crown installation and replacement in Illinois.

Other Services We Provide

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